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Microsurgery 3D-HD

The surgeon that performs microsurgery already see 3D with depth during the surgery, finally we have a solution to capture what the surgeon it’s seeing through the microscope.

3D Surgery

The 3D technology that is used in the movie industry, TV shows and video gaming arrived to the medical area, one of the biggest applications it’s the 3D visualization during the surgical procedures.

3D vision during surgery makes perfect sense: After all, your anatomy is three-dimensional, and when you’re making minute incisions with a foot-long instrument, through an entry hole that’s just an inch long, depth perception is obviously a huge advantage.

Laparoscopic Surgery 3D-HD

In the recent years the laparoscope camera has had significant improvements, the surgeon is already able to see details never before seen. The 3D visualization is the next evolution in surgery.

Robotic Surgery 3D-HD

From the very beginning that the robotic surgery uses 3D visualization, the more recent images are in HD, now it is possible to record for review later.

Traditional “open surgery” in 3D

Open surgery is the traditional type of surgery where a long incision is made to insert the instruments, visualizing the surgery directly through the incision. With the more recent tools we can capture the procedure in 3D.